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with Sarah Stage and Special Guests!

I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to take your fitness journey with me. Get ready to push yourself, to feel the burn and achieve your goals. My fitness routine is all about taking yourself to the next level, physically and mentally. 



Saturdays – Take this time to go on a 30 walk in nature if you can, or go for a run, hike etc.  If you still have the extra energy and aren’t too sore, feel free to repeat any of this weeks workouts. 

Sundays – Rest day. Or watch one of the mindset coaching videos.


Note: These workouts are a repeat of M0nth 1 but this time around I’d like you to add a little more weight to your routine and push extra hard to complete every rep.

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Get Started


Photos are a great way to track your progress.

Sometimes the scale does not reflect your progress.

To see the changes by the end of the challenge be sure to get your day 1 photos taken.

Take a photo from the front, side, and back. Ideally in a bikini.



Life Coaching

During this challenge you will be working with THE amazing life coach, Lizzy Rich!

Lizzy Rich is a Life coach based in Los Angeles with clients throughout the world. She had a 20 year career as choreographer for the NFL, NBA and LA industry. She built her mindset and leadership skills from working with 1,000’s of people which naturally brought her into helping others live their best lives doing what they love as well. She’s the official life coach female owned brands.  Her clients range from 8years old to 59. Lizzy knows that when she can help you shift your mindset, align your frequency and trust yourself you become unstoppable.

Make sure to watch this video and download your workbook below.

PART 1/2

PART 2/2


Stop doubting myself.

Work hard and make it


Elemental Rhythm


with Giovanni Bartolomeo

Gio is an entrepreneur and life adventurer who has a passion for teaching, experiential learning and creating deep connections with others. His breathwork practice tracks wil help you to train your lungs, heart and mind for better performance. Lung Capacity has been scientifically proven to predict health and longevity. Breathing fundamentals are a cornerstone of a healthy, productive and relaxed life. We give you the tools here to take your practice to the next level.



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