DynaPro Core Sliders


Work Out with Versatility The DynaPro ab glider set is designed to bring the gym right into your home. A set of fitness sliders is all you need to strengthen your core and hit everything from your shoulders, abs, chest, arms, legs, to glutes.

Smoothness You’ll Love Whether your home or hotel room is fitted with carpet, hardwood, tile, or laminate, our sliders gliding discs ensure super-smooth movement every time. There’s a fabric side for hard surfaces and an opposite slick side for carpet and softer floors. Treat yourself to a core sliders disc set that’s all about beautiful form.

Safe to Use The true beauty of workout gliding discs lies in their low-impact action. Your hands or feet never leave the floor, which means less strain on your joints and less pain during recovery. We’ve amplified the safety by contouring the edges to prevent chaffing and padding the discs to provide enhanced comfort.

Work Out Wherever No more losing track of your fitness goals when on vacation. Our core workout sliders are conveniently compact and lightweight, taking up negligible space in your luggage.

Premium Quality in Play DynaPro was born out of the need for fitness products tough enough to last through the most gruesome of workouts. And we’ve carried on this tradition of quality by creating professional gliding discs that don’t fray or break no matter how hard you push yourself.

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