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  • 45 Day Challenge
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Pregnancy Guide
  • Post Pregnancy Guide

More About the Guides:

45 Day Challenge

Summer is only 45 days away and what better way to prepare for it then to tone up with this challenge. This challenge was created for anyone who wants to get into shape but doesn’t have time for the gym. After becoming a mother, I realized how difficult and impractical working out at a gym was. I found a lot of the machines intimidating and confusing.

I believe that you can achieve your fitness goals at home by being consistent and following the exercises in this ebook. In this book I will be sharing my workout routine that gives you a complete guide to creating long-lasting fitness habits.

Nutrition Guide

This Nutrition Guide was created as a tool to use with your 45 Day Challenge fitness guide. Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving fitness. You will see best results if you follow both the fitness guide and nutrition guide together.

I know from personal experience that counting calories and inspecting ingredients can be overwhelming, especially for new moms and moms-to-be. Thankfully, eating right doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Simple changes in habit and a bit more mindfulness about food goes a long way.

To help you get started, I’ve developed a meal plan to help take the guesswork out of eating healthy. I’ve found that planning ahead is one of the best ways to ensure that you succeed when starting a new healthy habit. I’ve also included a grocery shopping list along with some of my favorite recipes for meals and protein shakes. Feel free to make small changes to these recipes to make them work for you. There’s no wrong or right solution. It’s about creating a plan and sticking to it. You can do this!

Post Pregnancy Guide

Congratulations on your new beautiful baby! I’m sure you’re enjoying all of the newborn cuddles and snuggles 🙂

If you’re ready to reach your fitness goals (and you have clearance from your doctor), I’m here to help you take the next step to getting your pre-baby body back!

Finding time for exercise can be a big challenge and very overwhelming. I found that exercising at home is the best way for me to stay consistent with my workouts. I created this Fitness Guide to show that you can get toned in the comfort of your own home! With simple Exercise equipment, or even items from around the house, you can get a great workout without the hassle of going to a gym.

Pregnancy Fitness Guide

Pregnancy is a very special and exciting time of your life. It’s also a time where you go through many changes, both physically and emotionally.

During my pregnancies, I have found that it’s important to find new ways to stay focused and motivated, and also modify my workout routines in order to keep baby and mommy safe.
I wrote this ebook to share what has worked for me and hopefully inspire you to stay fit and have a healthy, happy pregnancy!